Medical Coding Services

Specializing in remote medical coding for physicians, medical groups and medical facilities.

You know this situation far too well. Inaccuracies and claim issues make it more difficult to be reimbursed for services provided to patients. Additional resources are required to correct the coding issue and resubmit the claim for payment. With little time for in-house staff training on new coding requirements, ensuring proper use of current medical codes is a challenge for healthcare providers at any level.

Remote medical coding offers a partnership coding solution to significantly reduce or eliminate this problem. Get the speed and accuracy desired from experienced remote U.S. medical coders without the additional overhead inherent to in-house work. Get paid quickly and decrease issues with claims. Switch to a remote coding company with a proven record of providing medical coding services since 2002. Choose KIWI-TEK, a leader in remote coding services, and get the qualified medical coders you need for fast and reliable payments.

KIWI-TEK: Your Remote Coding Company

Facilities often experience difficulty when it comes to training medical coders and maintaining an experienced in-house staff. This is where KIWI-TEK can make a difference. Our trained medical coders act as an extension to any medical facility or practice. In addition to fast turnaround, KIWI-TEK medical coders achieve 95 percent coding accuracy, or better. Healthcare providers and administrators benefit from remote medical coding by certified specialists who offer high-quality medical coding services 24/7.

Get the services you need, when you need them. Your workload may contract or expand at any time. KIWI-TEK has the staff ready and available to take on any change. Customized coding packages can be modified to match coding needs.

KIWI-TEK offers three medical coding solutions:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Coding. Use remote medical coding services to improve turnaround times, address staffing changes, and handle volume expansion in physician practices and community hospitals.
  • Hospital Coding. Access a pool of trained remote medical coding specialists without additional incentives and sign-on bonuses to staff large hospital networks, specialty hospitals, privately owned hospital facilities, community hospitals and healthcare facilities in rural areas.
  • Physician coding: Use remote medical coders experienced with ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS to reduce or eliminate backlogs at emergency medical facilities, urgent care centers, specialty treatment centers and physician offices.

KIWI-TEK’s remote medical coding services address a key dilemma in the healthcare industry. Expanding coding workloads can lead to a backlog of initial submissions for payments. Relying on poorly trained and overwhelmed in-house staff can result in inaccuracies that delay payments. Money required to pay healthcare providers and ensure smooth operations simply is not available to meet organizational needs.

How Can Remote Medical Coding Service Benefit Your Organization?

KIWI-TEK’s partnership coding solution can help improve efficiency for physicians, medical groups and medical facilities. ICD-10 changes are implemented correctly using best practices that have evolved from international standards. This makes it easier for organizations to stay HIPAA compliant. Create more consistency in your revenue stream and maximize compensation potential with our team of talented medical coding specialists.

Contact KIWI-TEK to tap into a pool of experienced medical coders who achieve accuracy and efficiency to help your organization get the compensation it deserves. Take our survey to receive a customized medical coding package to suit the specialties, workload and requirements of your organization today.

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