What’s your path to peace of mind?

A coding partner who helps me and grows with me. 

Access to America’s best coders.

Help for any backlog issues or EHR disruption.

A consistent, reliable audit program.

“KIWI-TEK has a tremendous team. After 10 years of service, they’re always responsive and helpful. It feels like they’re taking care of us. Any time I call or email, they’re on it. They care and want to help us. We’re not just another number to them.”

“Coding is constantly changing. A vendor can’t just come in here and code. For us, it’s not a production thing, it’s a quality thing and KIWI-TEK delivers. Their auditing is great, along with other quality programs they offer.”

“Our new billing system implementation did not go as smoothly as we had planned. Facing a pile of coding edits and a rapidly increasing amount of unbilled accounts, we enlisted the help of KIWI-TEK. This helped us immensely in getting coding out the door.”

“As audits become a routine part of the coding workflow, coders will no longer perceive the process as a negative interruption. In fact, coders look forward to receiving consistent feedback to promote continual learning and improvement.”






KIWI-TEK provides unique coding solutions for hospitals, health systems and physician practices.