Our experienced and certified CDI specialists at KIWI-TEK can help you with your CDI needs. We deliver accurate and prompt documentation and coding.

Accurate and comprehensive patient health records are paramount. If it isn’t documented, it wasn’t done and can’t be coded. Download the CDI Services brochure to learn more.

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Accurate and comprehensive patient health records are paramount. If it isn’t documented, it wasn’t done and can’t be coded. Download the CDI Services brochure to learn more.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program

Elements of a successful CDI program include accurate representation of a patient’s clinical status in the patient health record. Accurate and comprehensive patient health records are paramount (ie) if it isn’t documented, it wasn’t done and can’t be coded.

Accurate and specific coding supports patient acuity, severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROM). When done right, CDI services support medical necessity and quality of care, including appropriate length of stay (LOS) and care management.

Benefits of CDI

  • Minimizes clinical denials
  • Encourages timely and accurate reimbursements
  • Maintains compliance with regulatory and governmental agencies

KIWI-TEK’s CDI Experts

Our team of CDI experts know how to capture clinical terms recognized by providers and necessary by Medicare, Medicaid and other payors for coding, billing and reimbursement. Here are a few soft skills that make KIWI-TEK’s CDI professionals the best in the industry:

  • Social
  • Communication style
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Coding knowledge

Our CDI Workflow

CDI workflow steps

What We Offer

KIWI-TEK’s CDI services focus on the providers versus the coders. We believe building trust with providers is priority number one. With patient care as their main responsibility, our team works hard to make sure they can easily understand what it means to under document, over document, under code or over code.

When it comes to CDI, it’s about physicians and coders always being informed, and we are here to do just that.

We also partner with coding teams to ensure optimal documentation. We do this by keeping lines of communication open between providers and coders. Providers love to talk about their work. We provide opportunities to let them create conversations for coders to understand. This plays a big role in CDI.

Specialties we serve

Too many to list! We currently service over 47 different profee specialties, as well as facility account types. Our team looks at documentation and talks to providers to compare what they’re doing. For instance, is what the surgeon wrote and what they communicate the same when you have conversation? Then we present findings as education to coding staff.

Biggest CDI challenges in 2022 and how we can help solve them

Staff shortages

The healthcare industry is struggling to find coders. A lot of people have left the industry or taken other positions. There’s also a shortage of offshore coders and up to 90 days ramp up time has become the norm which is something our industry has never seen. KIWI-TEK can have your CDI program up and running in 30 days or less. Our team of 100% domestic CDI experts reduce your staff’s risk of burnout.

Artificial Intelligence

Interest in computer automated coding is on the rise to ensure documentation is sustained and coders are informed. This is a trend people want to consider for productivity gains and to address workforce shortages. While KIWI-TEK agrees with using technology to gain efficiencies, managers still have to train the tool and human intervention is required to do that. That’s were our CDI services come in. Our team can help with strategic CDI decisions to get you closer to your documentation improvement goals.


This is a critical piece of the revenue cycle that ties back to CDI. Many small healthcare organizations aren’t sure if their coding is correct because no proper audit process in place. Progress notes are backlogged. Maximizing your reimbursement in a compliant manner is where KIWI-TEK comes in. Our CDI experts play a big role in getting documentation right the first time, making the audit process less painful. Learn more about coding audits.

Ready to build relationships and celebrate CDI wins? Schedule time to speak with our CDI expert Leticia White, RHIA, CPC, COC, CPC-P.