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Optimized Reimbursement

Our clients experience the highest appropriate level of reimbursement.

Charts done right the first time.

Rather than diluting our resources across multiple areas of the revenue cycle, KIWI-TEK is exclusively focused on providing coding resources: hospital and professional fee coding, edits and denials, coding partnerships, coding audits and CDI services.

Only in-depth coding can yield the highest appropriate reimbursement for our clients. Coding accuracy comes from experienced, certified, truly engaged coders who understand that the healthcare business runs on coding.

Graphs and texts about a Variable Cost Coding results for a client

The variable cost coding model provides revenue cycle leaders with the same access to coders they’ve always had, while also allowing those coders additional opportunities across all vendor partner clients.

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The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing: 3 Ways You Pay For Fixed Cost Coding

KIWI-TEK guarantees to meet any revenue cycle department’s current cost of coding while outperforming normal revenue cycle benchmarks.

In the world of medical coding, whether in the facility or professional fee space, a program that offers exactly the right kind of coding expertise when needed means that you are not overpaying, and the expense is always aligned with service line volumes.

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