Coding Audits

Whatever your auditing needs are, our team has the expertise to help.

Whether you need to validate charges, audit denied claims, or examine your depth of coding for entitled reimbursement capture, our professionals can deliver the results you need quickly and accurately.

KIWI-TEK’s coding audits help clients measure coding quality performance. By first identifying root causes for coding errors, our coding audits serve as benchmarks of your team’s coding accuracy. By pinpointing strengths and weaknesses of coders, our auditing experts also help with education goals.

“Implementing a consistent audit program is beneficial to the organization. As audits become a routine part of the coding workflow, coders will no longer perceive the process as a negative interruption. In fact, coders look forward to receiving consistent feedback to promote continual learning and improvement.”

Sarah Humbert, RHIA, ICD-10 AHIMA Certified Trainer

Vice President of Coding Operations, KIWI-TEK