Edits and Denials

Claims that flow smoothly through your revenue cycle.

No More Write-Offs. No More Backlog. Download the Edits and Denials brochure to learn more.

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No More Write-Offs. No More Backlog. Download the Edits and Denials brochure to learn more.

“Facing a pile of coding edits and a rapidly increasing amount of unbilled accounts we enlisted the help of KIWI-TEK, who was able to quickly provide us with additional coding resources. We could’ve never hired that many coders in the time frame needed.”

Matthew E. Hoeger
Director of Revenue Integrity, Penn State Health

Isn’t it frustrating? Every improvement, upgrade and attempt to keep your revenue cycle current seems to backfire:

  • If you upgrade your EHR, the billing system is not ready and kicks out more edits.
  • Your billing system doesn’t always recognize new, appropriate codes.
  • Your HIM team does not have the time to correct and respond to edits and denials.
  • Every billing edit and denied claim puts more pressure on your revenue cycle.
  • You can’t afford to write them off or rework them.

No more write-offs. No more backlog.

Your health system is already strapped for cash. Your revenue cycle is vital to your systems financial health. Cash flow is key. Lowering your DNFB is a high priority.

KIWI-TEK can clean up your backlog quickly and efficiently. We also provide guidance to clinicians on documentation improvements, work with the billing department on unsupported edits, correct any coding errors that led to a denied claim and validate challenges to payers on unsupported denials.

If we coded any of the edits or denials, we will rework them for no fee.

Are you looking for career growth? Explore our medical coding jobs or contact us to find out more!

Guaranteed Results

We can clean up your existing backlogs and will rework any denials or edits that we coded for no fee.