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“We are very invested with KIWI-TEK as a partner. They’ve always done a good job for us. Case in point: we’ve expanded their services beyond hospital walls to professional coding for 400 physicians in our network.”

Marva Rothmeier
HIM Director, Medical Center Hospital (MCHS)

The recent, rapid changes in healthcare are creating challenges in the type of coding expertise you need as well as the amount of help you need. As you experience fluctuating patient volumes, acquisition of physician practices, and other growth, specialized coding expertise has never been more important.

No coder can code every type of patient encounter accurately. Specialized skills are vital to your revenue cycle efficiency.

That’s why you need KIWI-TEK! Our team has the expertise and experience to code any type of visit accurately and compliantly. We match each coder’s experience to their assessment test scores to determine which types of patient encounters they are qualified to code. We supplement that with up to date training and education on the latest changes in coding guidelines.

We have the right expertise and can quickly match it to your volume and service needs.

  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient
  • Facility
  • Professional fee
  • Clinic

KIWI-TEK, a medical coding company is your coding authority – we cover all medical coding needs. Find out more about our medical coding services or contact us for more information.

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