Coding on Demand

Coding support, precisely when you need it.

Remember When?

It used to be easy. Your patient volumes were predictable. Your HIM staffing plan was built to match the patient volume. Training on rules updates was done annually. CDI and ROI challenges were minimal.

Everything has changed.

Patient volumes fluctuate wildly. Staff is working remotely. Coding guidelines change rapidly. Telehealth, Covid testing, treatment, and vaccinations present documentation and coding challenges. Billing edits and denied claims are escalating.

We understand. And we’re here to help your coding productivity thrive.

A KIWI-TEK coding partnership gives you the support you need, when you need it. We have perfected the art of quickly matching coders to your volume and service needs. Our entire staff is up to date on the latest coding guidance for every type of patient encounter. Our operations team is experienced and proficient with every EHR system and application. We can make it happen in days, not weeks.

Are you a medical coder looking for career growth? Explore our medical coding jobs or contact us to find out more!


We can get you the coding expertise you need and onboard it faster than anyone else.

“Facing a pile of coding edits and a rapidly increasing amount of unbilled accounts we enlisted the help of KIWI-TEK, who was able to quickly provide us with additional coding resources. We could’ve never hired that many coders in the time frame needed.”

Matthew E. Hoeger
Director of Revenue Integrity
Penn State Health