EHR Tune-Up: Refine EHR Implementation And Maintenance Processes

Revenue integrity is an essential component of a well-functioning organization. In turn, it’s essential that the revenue integrity program is organized to deliver its maximum benefit. Revenue integrity is based on collaboration, communication, and a comprehensive understanding of clinical, financial, and information systems. To achieve its goal, revenue integrity must be transparent. An annual work plan is a key tool in realizing that goal.

 As many organizations evolve from purely hospital-based or physician practice–based organizations to all-inclusive health systems, they’re moving to comprehensive, organization wide EHR systems, says Sarah Humbert, RHIA, Vice President of Coding Operations at KIWI-TEK in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

“Instead of piecemealing together something for their professional fee and their clinics and then their hospital, they’re going to systems that can capture everything, the EMR, the billing aspect, all in one system,” she says. “Which, overall, has great functionality, especially for the clinical staff. But what we often see when a system makes these big implementations at one time is that there’s generally hiccups.”

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