We have always made it our mission to adapt quickly to industry changes, and vaccine mandates are no different.

At KIWI-TEK, the COVID-19 vaccine is not a term of employment. We are here to help retain your team and sustain productivity during this critical time. We can…

  • Rebadge your current coders that are refusing to be vaccinated and place them on our team of 100% remote coders. 
  • Offer your current coders immediate re-employment and immediate coding support with coders that are already familiar with your workflows.
  • Offer coders the opportunity to work as W2 employees or 1099 contractors.
  • Give your coders the same interview process as our internal one:
    • a proprietary coding test 
    • current accreditation from AHIMA or AAPC
    • auditing and monitoring at the same level as our current workforce 

Request a consultation to learn just how quickly we can get started.