Quality Driven

Superior coding quality

“Coding is constantly changing. A vendor can’t just come in here and code. For us, it’s not a production thing, it’s a quality thing and KIWI-TEK delivers. Their auditing is great, along with other quality programs they offer.”

Tracy G. Hickey
Director, Health Information Management, West Tennessee Healthcare

You need more than just coded and billed charts. Accuracy, compliance and full capture of billable procedures are crucial.

You need a worry-free coding partner and we’re it.

How do we do it?

  • Recruit the best coding talent. Less than 5% of applicants are hired.
  • Constantly monitor coding quality for each coder.
  • Base coders’ compensation on productivity and quality.
  • Achieve accuracy of 95% to meet performance measures.
  • Maintain a low manager-to-coder ratio to ensure the proper level of supervision and oversight.


We deliver the highest coding quality possible and guarantee the results. If we coded it, we fix it. Quickly and for no additional fee.