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Performing medical coding services across all specialties since 2002, KIWI-TEK offers unparalleled medical coding experience.

Today we utilize only highly experienced, eminently qualified domestic coders and coding managers. Our All-American coding has proven repeatedly to be more responsive, more accurate and more cost-effective than in-house, other domestic remote coding, or even offshore coding.

All the best in medical coding

If you want the best accuracy, best turnaround, best compliance and best reimbursement in medical coding service, KIWI-TEK would be the best coding service provider for you.

We begin with the best and brightest domestic coders and coding managers in the business. We then require them to maintain and expand their expertise through our recurrent training and testing to the highest industry standards.

ICD-10 brought forth an exponentially greater number of codes, subsets of codes, and nuances of interpretations of codes. Only experienced, currently qualified and intellectually invested coding specialists can appreciate the complexities and make the proper coding decisions to efficiently and effectively code your charts to your optimum reimbursement. KIWI-TEK’s All-American team of medical coding experts presents you with the best options in partnership medical coding.

Just the right fit

KIWI-TEK offers you Partnership Coding tailored to your hospital, clinic or physician group regardless of size, specialties and workloads. You can choose whatever and how much coding you require, from PRN to just a few specialties to a complete partnership coding program.

We will customize a coding plan that will most cost-effectively handle your varying coding requirements. We will help you contain operating expenses, maximize return on your coding investment, and actually contribute to improved health care through more responsive, more accurate and more definitive coding. Better coding records result in better health care.

The Home Team Advantage

KIWI-TEK’s All-American team of expert and experienced coding specialists provide you with a tremendous advantage over offshore coding. Our training, qualifications and certifications simply can’t be matched by offshore vendors. In fact, it’s unlikely you can ever be assured of the qualifications of offshore coders working on your charts.

The suspect qualifications of offshore coders often result in inaccurately coded charts, which may be rejected and have to be recoded, costing you time and money. At the very least, you’re probably not receiving the most sophisticated coding that would allow you the most appropriate reimbursement.

KIWI-TEK coders’ real-world exposure to medical diagnoses, procedures and outcomes means they can assess and apply codes faster, more accurately and more effectively. You benefit from 95+% accuracy, quicker chart turnarounds, better compliance and faster payback.

The More You Read, The Better We Look

We Can Tailor Your Ideal Partnership Coding Program To Most Cost-Effectively Meet Any Present And Future Needs.