You Must Be Comfortable With Your Medical Coding Choice.

KIWI-TEK understands that an ideal external medical coding solution meets the unique needs of each healthcare provider. There is no one-size-fits-all medical coding services package that works for every specialty while perfectly complementing diverse patient populations and company cultures. Before recommending a customized plan for your organization, we spend time getting to know you and your team—exploring your patient services, budget constraints and financial goals. Armed with this information, we’ll offer you a range of medical service options that inform thoughtful decisions.

Partnering with a medical coding outsourcing company gives physicians, clinicians, medical groups and practitioners in other medical treatment facilities freedom to focus on patient-centered healthcare. Your mission is to deliver high-quality continuity of care. The KIWI-TEK mission is to ensure you have a secure, HIPAA-compliant system that is customized to manage cash flow and improve revenue potential—regardless of the coding model used by your organization.

Chose KIWI-TEK As Your Remote Coding Solutions Partner

Our approach to creating medical coding partnerships is simple. We provide an exceptionally skilled coding team on your terms. We offer PRN coverage, Total Partnership Coding relationships, and every imaginable scenario in between. As your requirements change, we change with you.


Whether you need coverage during short-term staff vacancies due to medical leave, or face the challenge of replacing a valued employee who retires, we are there. If your practice does not have a dedicated coding department, we can provide 100 percent of your daily coding needs.


Our medical coders have extensive medical coding experience, backed by ongoing professional development. They possess current knowledge about industry changes and compliance updates as well as nuanced strategies that boost revenue potential while reducing days on the accounts receivable ledger and denials.


Efficient, accurate medical coding enables facilities and medical practices to quickly respond to planned and unexpected expansion and contraction. A customized medical coding plan designed for a perfect fit ensures your organization is fully prepared for every situation that arises.

A customized solution considers your specialty, current DNFB, denial ratios, training costs and other challenges you want to overcome. Take a quick survey to learn more about KIWI-TEK’s consulting services. Or, call us at 866-709- 5494 to speak to a representative.

We Can Tailor Your Ideal Partnership Coding Program To Most Cost-Effectively Meet Any Present and Future Needs.

Our Story Just Gets Better and Better

We Can Tailor Your Ideal Partnership Coding Program To Most Cost-Effectively Meet Any Present And Future Needs.