How Does KIWI-TEK Recruit, Train and Retain the Best Coding Talent?

by | Apr 6, 2021

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How Does KIWI-TEK Recruit, Train and Retain the Best Medical Coding Talent?

First, you set high standards for hiring and performance. Then, you give them the tools, training, feedback and workplace environment to be the best they can be.

Sarah Humbert, RHIA, Vice President of Coding Operations, engaged KIWI-TEK’s operations and customer service team to explore some of our clients’ questions about quality coding and performance standards. This blog captures the most commonly asked questions and the team’s responses regarding the ability to recruit, train and retain expert coders.

How will KIWI-TEK continue to support HIM resources for an unpredictable future?

KIWI-TEK has always done our best to provide comprehensive and timely guidance and updates. We will continue our commitment to you in 2021 and beyond. During this time of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the KIWI-TEK team is here to serve and support you, your team and your business. Our virtual team remains fully engaged to assist in whatever way you and your organization may need.

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