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Budget Constraints

There’s no question that revenue cycle and HIM departments are doing more with less. Federal spending cuts and price transparency are new factors that contribute to reduced budgets.

“The biggest thing that stood out about KIWI-TEK was their pricing. Price was very important when looking for coding vendors and it still is. KIWI-TEK rates beat other vendors most of the time.”

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Coding Backlogs

Right place, right time. Our team can supplement your coding demands as needed. When staffing and volume fluctuate, turn to KIWI-TEK.

“When our in-house coders have PTO we always get help from KIWI-TEK. If DNFB numbers are not where they should be by  the middle of the week, our KIWI-TEK account manager finds someone to get DNFB down by the weekend. They try really hard to help us out when we’re in a bind.”

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Claims Edits

Don’t let EHR issues interrupt your revenue cycle. KIWI-TEK supports your coding processes and claims edits for optimal reimbursement and reduced DNFB—even during times of EHR disruption.

“Facing a pile of coding edits and a rapidly increasing amount of unbilled accounts we enlisted the help of KIWI-TEK, who quickly provided us with additional coding resources. We could’ve never hired that many coders in the time frame needed. This helped us immensely in getting coding out the door.”

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Security and Compliance Concerns

As a responsible business associate and partner, we’ve taken extreme steps to protect ourselves and our clients from compliance oversights that could result in severe financial penalties.

“The complexities of ICD-10 require that we keep domestic coders at our organization. KIWI-TEK upholds accuracy and quality, yet they’re still reasonably priced compared to offshore.”

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